About Gina

History with clay

  • Attended classes with Nell Sadee
  • Have been a Guild member for about 28 years
  • Enjoy attending workshops both here and abroad
  • Enjoy teaching classes at St. Albert Place through the Art Gallery of St. Albert

Favourite clay

  • Plainsman 450 and P 700

Primary forming method

  • 80% wheel throwing and 20% handbuilding

Favourite decorating method

  • Attended a workshop with Steven Hill and since then have sprayed my glazes with multiple colours

Primary firing method

  • My functional ware is gas-fired
  • Currently working on saggar firings

What sparked my interest in pottery

  • When I first moved to St. Albert I walked into the W.A.R.E.S. gift shop and was impressed with the pottery on display.

Favourite glaze or glaze combination

  • I start with a light dip of a base glaze and then spray different colours on top

A selection of Gina’s work: