Jan Goodwin

Jan Goodwin

About Jan

History with clay

  • I started potting in 2010 as a way to learn something new, do something creative and de-stress.

Favorite clay

  • Laguna B-Mix
    • a lovely, light-colored porcelain-based clay
    • buttery-soft to work with

Primary forming method

  • While hand building is fun, throwing on the wheel is the best.

Favorite decorating method

  • Still learning about simple glazing techniques.
  • Working towards doing some real fancy stuff like some of the Guild members. Glaze envy!

Primary firing method

  • Gas kiln – Cone 9

Favorite tool

  • The sponge

Most-used piece of equipment

  • My brain. Too bad there are days when it needs help!

A selection of Jan’s work: