Linda Willard

Linda Willard

About Linda:

History with clay

  • I have been actively working with clay for 15 years, although dabbling in it since high school. After exploring various other art mediums, it became clear that clay is where my heart is.

Favourite firing method

  • Raku and alternative firing techniques

Primary forming method

  • Handbuilding, extruding and using press moulds or any interesting forms I can find

Favourite tools

  • My work is either burnished and silky smooth to the touch, where my favourite tools are painting palette knives and silicone ribs; or it’s heavily textured, where I’ll impress anything I can find to use as texture: sink drain mats, embossed wallpaper, pen caps, etc.

Where I get my inspiration

  • I’m passionate about the idea that people need to take enjoyment from beautiful things in their environment, even on a subconscious level.Things like music, nature or visually interesting displays allow us to be transported away for a brief moment.When I create, not only am I swept up for that time, but my hope is that someone who looks at my work will be whisked away for a blink, with a smile.

A selection of Linda’s work: