Margaret Belec

Margaret Belec

About Margaret

History with clay

  • I have been potting for 25 years

Favourite clay

  • Mostly high-fire 570, 450 and WSO for raku

Primary forming method

  • Throwing
  • Handbuilding sculptural pieces

What sparked my interest in pottery

  • As a child, I used to form little animals from clay, dug from our garden, and then bake them in the sun.
  • When we moved to St. Albert and I saw that they had pottery classes, I signed up and now potting is my favourite thing to do.

Where I get my inspiration

  • Nature, wildlife, life in general

Favourite (pot) (vessel) to make

  • I  like the challenge of making teapots and casseroles

Favourite glaze or glaze combination

  • Black and white zebra design
  • Shino, especially when it results in awesome carbon trap shades of grey

A selection of Margaret’s work: