About Tanis:

History with clay

  • Around 2001 I began classes through City of St. Albert. I took some time off from potting but I am back once again.

Favourite clay

  • Brown clay
    • for the way the glazes take on such a rich, earthy quality
  • Porcelain
    • for its creamy texture

Primary forming method

  • Throwing
  • Am beginning handbuilding functional pots

Favourite decorating method

  • Carving designs into clay

 Favourite tool

  • I have about 120 things that can be used as tools. And I keep on collecting…

What sparked my interest in pottery

  • I thought it would be fun and easy; it is fun, but definitely is an art form that takes years to master. Practice, practice, practice!

Where I get my inspiration

  • Everywhere:
    • I cut out photos from magazines
    • I take pictures of pots that I like, make a sketch, and keep all of this in a huge binder

Favourite glaze or glaze combination

  • Dipping my piece into a lighter glaze all over and then squirting and splashing and smooshing different glazes in random patterns. These are all very technical terms!

A selection of Tanis’ work: