About Heather

Heather ShepherdHistory with clay

  • I have been working with clay for three years and have been a member of the St. Albert Potters Guild since 2014.

Favourite clay

  • The H-450 clay; because when fired, it tends to leave speckles on the surface of the piece.

Primary forming method

  • Wheel throwing

Primary firing method

  • Gas kiln

Where I get my inspiration

  • From both machine-made and handmade forms
  • I am drawn to simple, functional design and warm, earthy tones.

Favorite vessel to make

  • Lidded vessels such as jars or teapots

Favorite glaze or glaze combination

  • Honey lustre over satin white
  • Satin white mellows out the honey lustre beautifully, leaving a subtle, creamy tone.

A selection of Heather’s work:

Coffee and juice set - photo by J Addington
Trio - photo by J Addington
Vase and Mug  - photo by J Addington