About Mary:

History with clay

  • I started taking pottery classes with the City of St. Albert and enjoyed pottery so much that when the opportunity came for me to become a member of the St. Albert Potters Guild, I could not pass up the chance.
  • I have been a member of the Guild for almost 14 years and love the whole atmosphere of the Guild. The members are great people who are always willing to share there knowledge and lend a hand when needed.
  • Over the years I have attended many workshops to learn different techniques in working with clay (sculpting, altering shapes, weaving, advanced throwing and handbuilding). I had the great fortune to attend Red Deer College and take a class. The lessons learned there have helped to improve my knowledge of pottery greatly.
  • Two years ago another wonderful opportunity cropped up while I was on holiday in Thailand. I was able to attend a private workshop at the Baan Celedon Pottery Factory in Chang Mai. During my time there I was taught how to draw and paint designs to embellish pottery as well as to carve images into the clay.
  • People often ask what is my favorite method of making pottery and my answer is always the same. I really don’t have a favorite method because working with clay is a never-ending learning process and I am like a kid in the candy shop; I want to try everything.

Favourite Clay

  • Medium fired clay
    • Excellent to work with on the wheel
    • Is  good for carving and handbuilding
    • There is not a lot of grog in the clay so it is very kind to my hands

Primary forming method

  • I first learned to throw pots on the wheel and still enjoy this method of forming my pots.

Favourite decorating method

  • Stamping, sprigging, embossing and carving

Primary firing method

  • As I have a studio in my home, I have two electric kilns to fire my pottery.

What sparked my interest in pottery

  • Years ago when living on Vancouver Island, a close friend was a potter and I just loved the beauty of her pots. The feel of the vessels seemed to connect with me in a way that made me want to have more and more pottery. Unfortunately, there was never the time or opportunity to learn until I came to St Albert.