Yolande Stark

Yolande Stark

About Yolande

History with clay

  • As a gardener by profession and enthusiastic cook, pottery was a natural progression for me. I am able to make the vessels to prepare and serve the wholesome food that we grow on our farm.
  • Working with clay also helps me stay connected to the earth when I am not in the garden
  • Gina Joys was my first pottery instructor and I have been a guild member since 2012

Favorite clay

  • Medium-fired red clay (M390)
    • I like the feel of it in my hands
    • I love the way it intensifies the glaze colours

Primary forming method

  •  The wheel

Favorite decorating methods

  • Carving in clay
  • Layering glazes

Favourite vessel to make

  • Bowls are my favourite, but I enjoy making any servingware and dishes
  • Mugs are a challenge because they are the most personal pottery item ever. There is such a special connectedness with the shape, colour, size and feel of our favourite mug.

Where I get my inspiration

  • From nature; this is visible in the blue, green and brown tones of my finished work

A selection of Yolande’s work: