About Elene:

History with clay

  • I started taking handbuilding classes when I was in junior high with the one and only Nell Sadee. I tried a couple of pottery courses but found pottery too structured. I have never been good with following directions. I love the freedom of handbuilding and sculpture.

Favourite clay

  • WSO

Primary forming method

  • Handbuilding sculptural pieces and carving

Primary firing method

  • Raku. I love the unpredictability of it as so many factors play a role in the results. It’s exciting to be involved in the entire process of the firing.

Favourite Tools

  • Ceramic lace tool
  • Chopsticks
  • Little black rock for burnishing

What sparked my interest in pottery

  • Messing around with mud and fire… who wouldn’t love it?!

Favourite (pot) (vessel) to make

  •  I love making whimsical houses and masks

A selection of Elene’s work:

Elene Hartman
elene 1
elene 2
Elene 3
Elene 4
Elene 5
Elene 6