About Maureen

Maureen Rooney is a professional actor, director, playwright, and co-artistic director of Rooney and Punyi Educational Theatre Productions. She and her husband Paul Punyi are recipients of the St. Albert Mayor’s Lifetime Achievement in the Arts Award.  rooneyandpunyi.ca

What sparked my interest in pottery

  • I was introduced to working with clay in a high school art class and discovered the joy of creating pottery during pottery classes given by the City of St. Albert.
  • I use the pottery studio as a place to unwind on the potter’s wheel, visit with creative people, and create art as a hobby.

Favourite tool

  • The wheel
  • When trimming I enjoy using a carving tool to create unique patterns

Favourite (pot) (vessel) to make

  • I am  drawn to creating functional, one-of-kind bowls, goblets, and mugs that have nice shapes and layers of dripped colours

Favourite glaze or glaze combination

  • Slip trailing

A selection of Maureen’s work